Green Angel

Green Angel by Alice Hoffman

Definitely a book for girls, Green Angel by Alice Hoffman has appealed  in my classes to reluctant and avid readers alike. With a reading level suitable for middle school and early high school, the myth-like qualities of this thin volume make it an enjoyable read for any age.  The tale is about a fifteen year old girl whose family leaves her behind one day to go on an ordinary errand and, suffering a disaster, never returns.  As she struggles to survive on her own in an uncertain world, she enters a self-destructive depression. Slowly she becomes aware that others may be in need of her compassion; her ability to respond to that need puts her back onto a path of recovery.
As myths are metaphorical stories about human nature and passage, this story is metaphor for a girl’s passage from childhood into adulthood.  As does the protagonist of this story, many young teenage girls can feel the loneliness and self-doubt as they ”lose” the comforting world of their families and begin to navigate the wider world on their own.  Green Angel confirms that a girl’s own heart will see her through.

-Gaby Chapman


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