Sweet Treats and Fun Food, 25 Recipes Kids Can Cook Review

Sweet Treats by Williams Sonoma

Fun Food by Williams Sonoma

I think that the main reason my daughter loves to cook is that she usually gets to eat her creations.  As a result, she has become something of a recipe hound.  She cuts them out wherever she finds them and asks for cookbooks for every holiday.

The two books that stand out are by Williams Sonoma.  They are called Sweet Treats and Fun Food each with ’25 Delicious Recipes Kids Can Cook.’  Sweet Treats is focused on the obvious including baked treats, frozen deserts as well as drinks.  Fun Food is more healthy and, therefore, a little less popular.  It has dinner and snack recipes that are simple and part of most children’s simple diets.

These books make cooking easy for kids.  The layout helps kids get organized before they start.  The steps are laid out with big numbers that are easy for the kids to follow.  The visuals are particularly helpful.  They use photographs so kids who can’t read can understand what they are supposed to do.  This book helped Violet develop many skills she now uses in all of her cooking.  It wasn’t until I opened the book for this review that I realized that was how she learned to make a graham cracker crust – by putting graham crackers in a baggie and smashing them.  I like that the recipes are simple, relatively healthy and help develop skills as well as good eating habits.

I particularly recommend the Lemon Bar and the Plum Buckle recipes in Sweet Treats.
-Jessica Wheeler


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