Inkheart Review

Inkheart is a book worth reading, even if you just read the quotes at the beginning of every chapter.  Each one of those quotes is like an old love tugging on your heart.  Inkheart was clearly written by a book lover for book lovers.  Everyone else may enjoy the excellent tale of adventure, magic and fantasy.  However, if books are one of the true joys in your life, I sense Cornelia Funke crafted this story just for you.

In case you missed the movie previews, etc., the story is an adventure about a girl named Meggie and her book repairman father who must overcome an evil character who accidentally comes to life out of a book.  It is a long book (500+ pages).  While the writing is excellent, it does ask the reader to stay focused for a very long time while the ‘adventure’ is not always fast paced.  It also has some extremely evil characters, and deals with death, blackmail and betrayal.  The youngest I would recommend this book to is an advanced 10 year old.

In addition to being a great story, this book also examines a complex idea:  the concept of something we create taking on a life of its own. I was reminded of when my daughter went to pre-school and for the first time outside influences were starting to shape her mind.  The author character in Inkheart was faced with a similar revelation when his ‘perfect’ characters actually come to life and turn on him.  Ultimately the author is still in control…well, sort of.  It is a good thing as parents that we don’t get to control our children’s whole story.  It is just a little jolting sometimes when you realize that they are reading books with complex concepts that may help shape their whole lives.

I do recommend this book, but not for everyone.  Inkheart is great for a more advanced reader who loves books.

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