Twisted by Laurie Halse Anderson

The saying Be careful what you wish for would have been good advice for Tyler, who spent the first three years of high school trying to be the kind of guy that would appeal to the most popular girl in school. Who would have thought that getting in trouble for a graffiti prank at the end of his junior year would propel him into the ranks he dreamed of for his senior year. But what does he find when he gets there? Nothing but trouble. What he has to face is how much of himself he is willing to give up and just how he will stand his ground.

Identity and power struggles evolve in this book on a backdrop of teen concerns with drugs, sex, school, and family. The theme is one of inner strength and self-respect overcoming an onslaught of adversity in the pursuit of adolescent happiness. Strong writing, well-liked by many of my middle and high school students.



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Filed under 9-12 Grade, boys, girls, Real World Fiction

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