Story of a Girl

Story of a Girl by Sara Zarr

Sometimes when I read a book written for young adults for review, I get impatient with the adolescent protagonist who seems to be wallowing in self-pity when his or her situation is just not that dire. That was the case with this book. But by the time I finished it I realized it was an accurate portrayal of how a teenager, in this case a girl, can get trapped in her own disillusionment. Physical and emotional maturity are looming, the safety of childhood is fading away, and her first forays into independence and maturity have left her feeling damaged. People who care for each other hurt each other, and then don’t know how to repair it. It makes for a sad read.

However, all is not lost. She can learn to accept small victories, and to take more charge of her life. This is a rite of passage for many young teenage girls. How I would like it if none of them had to go through it, but so many do and gain wisdom from it, wisdom that will serve them well as they grow into women. This is a book that can help girls who read it, to either recognize some of their own feelings, or realize how to avoid such feelings. Although the entire subject revolves around sex and friendship, there are no explicit scenes. For eight grade and up, I would say.


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