Night Hoops

Night Hoops by Carl Deuker

One of my students said about books  by Carl Deuker, “I like it when sports books have something else going on.”   The pages of this book are filled with basketball. But the story is about focus, compassion, and an open mind, and it keeps up as fast a pace as the action on the court.

A sophomore, Nick is obsessed with basketball–everything in his life revolves around it. But he also realizes that if he is going to be a star player on a winning team, the rest of his life has to work well. He has to keep up his grades, he has to understand his family, he has to respect his teammates, and he has to trust his intuition. As much as he pushes himself to be a star athlete, he also has to push himself to mature as a human being.

Anyone who likes to play basketball or even to watch it will enjoy this book, boys and girls, from middle through high school, or even younger for advanced readers. As a good sports book, it is  an affirmation of the winning combination of ambition and wisdom.




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2 responses to “Night Hoops

  1. Deuker is such a fabulous writer. His Runner and Gym Candy are never on the shelf, and I have two copies of each. The students who like him also like Thomas Dygard’s books.

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