Kids Who Read was started by the Mother-Daughter combination of Gaby Chapman and Jessica Wheeler. Gaby and Jessica were inspired to love reading by Gaby’s mother, Jane, and hope to help pass that love onto emerging readers everywhere.

Gaby is a retired middle and high school English teacher, a former school board president, and a founder of one of the first charter schools in California. She is the author of Let Them Have Books: A Formula for Universal Reading Proficiency. This book describes how schools inadvertently discourage kids from wanting to read for pleasure and how to fix it. Illuminating the connection between reading for pleasure and reading skill, she proposes a transformation of traditional reading education.

Jessica is seeking a Master’s Degree in Library Information Systems from San Jose State University. She is also a co-founder and an on-librarian of BookPig, the children’s book rental site. Prior to founding BookPig she served on the board of trustees of the Randall Museum and the San Francisco Parks Trust.

A fourth generation of readers, Georgia (9) and Violet (10), help us choose our books and keep us straight on what kids actually want to read.


3 responses to “About

  1. Natalie

    Just wanted to let you ladies know about a new Ivy & Bean Book.

  2. kidswhoread

    Questions about books. Email me at letthemhavebooks@gmail.com

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